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Twins (November) and Twins (June)

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The beautiful city of Cairns, in Far North Queensland, is the proud home of TORTURE IN THE TROPICS, the first class competition in the region. CrossFit Dungeon is proud to have the opportunity to present this exciting event to the community of Cairns, for the FIFTH year running.

CrossFit is the ‘sport of fitness’. Unlike other sporting disciplines, it requires the combination of many varying areas of physical and mental performance in optimizing physical competence across all fitness domains. This style of competition includes a wide variety of physical challenges for athletes such as gymnastics, weightlifting, cardiovascular endurance and powerlifting to name a few. It is an exciting sport and competition in which to participate, spectate and sponsor!

2013 was the inaugural year of Torture in the Tropics. The event was an overwhelming success! 120 athletes from around the state came together to form 30 teams for a fun filled, precisely run event over one day, as an in-house competition.

Since then the competition has grown and become TitT Teams and TitT Twins.

TitT Teams (June) is a two days event held at the Fred Moule Pavillion, to cater for the increase in demand. Today it is recognised as the biggest CrossFit competition in Far North Queensland, capped at 80 teams (320 athletes) battling it out to be named the fittest in the Tropics.

TitT Twins (November) is a single day event, for the athletes, held at CrossFit Dungeon. New for 2018, due to the increase in demand, this event will now run over two days. RX & MX athletes will be competing on Saturday and SX athletes competing on Sunday.

Athletes combined with their entourage of family, friends and coaches, plus the general public passing through as spectators and supporters of Torture in the Tropics, bring a wide variety of people into this event over the course of the weekend.

Torture in the Tropics is an exceptional opportunity for sponsors to expose their business to the CrossFit community in Cairns and far beyond. It has been well established over the previous five years and is an impressive, professionally run event, that is fully insured and spectacular to watch.

We provide an event that accommodates to a wide variety of athletic abilities.

TitT Teams:
Consist of 4 individuals: 2 Males and 2 Females* | Cost: $440 per team *we will accept same sex teams, however their score will be invalid.

TitT Twins: Consist of 2 individuals: 2 Males and/or 2 Females* | Cost: $100 per pair *no mixed pairs will be accepted.

Divisions: RX,  Masters (MX) and Scaled (SX).

Workouts are programmed to accommodate all levels whilst providing challenges at every level.

We have put a lot of time into creating workouts that are accommodating yet challenging, relative to the category they have been created for. Please understand that our primary objective is to provide a safe and enjoyable event for you all – not to make you feel out of place.

RX – Standard:

If you did not need to scale this year’s Open workouts – this is the category for you.

MX – Masters:

If you did not need to scale this year’s Open workouts and aged 40+ – this is the category for you.

SX – Scaled:

If you scaled some or all of this year’s Open workouts – this is the category for you. Further scaling options for these workouts will be allowed on the day however this will result in being ranked below any team that does not modify the workouts. (Workouts are released the Friday night before the event.)

Competition Structure and divisions

We provide an event that accommodates a wide variety of athletic abilities as we continue to build the CrossFit community that has grown so much since we started this journey.